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Android Tips

The work of all sensors used in Android devices

Written by Tusher

As well as the international market, the market now has a combination of novel technologies, the demand for these products. There is no doubt that the demand for Android smartphones and tabs at the top of the list.

Thinking about the needs of users of Android technology companies are trying to rally their products to new technologies. And in the context of his smartphone and coagulate currently being used in a variety of sensors are also different paternity.

Today, I’ll try to tell you that consistently break almost all sensors used in Android smartphone and tab names and their works. So let’s start today with the first episode.
Although the introduction of the iPhone in the smartphone sensors sensors of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in terms of who is considered an ideal device.

Accelerator sensor

A hardware-based accelerator sensor. It is basically micro-mechanical devices, the position of any object, the nature of the motion, vibration, acceleration, etc. are used to measure. There are several variations between accelerator, such as the one axis, two axis or three-axis accelerator with.
Accelerator sensor
Among these three types arteriosclerosis at semitrailer powerful characters. It is very easy to understand the orientation of the phone. The accelerator sensor on your phone if you tilt your phone to the ‘Landscape’ or ‘portraiture’ hold on, then it will vary according to your screen. Sometimes we need to change the orientation of the phone. For example, web browsing, watching videos, playing games, reading or sending text. In these cases, portraiture ‘mode rather than’ landscape ‘mode is more comfortable to use. Arteriosclerosis alkaline we can easily switch modes.

Some of the more popular is the use of arteriosclerosis. For example, the music player control (Shake to change), geimim of the press do not have time to control the tilt, or do not have to press the button to flip off the ringer (Flip-to-mute), and so on. Of the total, our phone’s accelerator changes the orientation to understand and adapt to the new literariness who helps with the phone.

Ambient Light Sensor

It is a hardware-based sensors. Smartphone or Tablet PC to adjust the brightness of the display sensor is used. This sensor is used to create a variety of photo cells, which are sensitive to the photon.
Ambient Light Sensor
If you’re in that environment, the environment sensor that can detect the presence of light. A dark room or a closed dark environment such as when you go to your display brightness will reduce the sensor, the light in the dark can be clearly seen braininess. It will save your device’s battery.

When you go back to the bright light environments, such as in the light of the sun during the day or when it will increase the brightness of your device display, because the sun’s light or extra light during the day, you will not see the display well. Of course you will need to more clearly see the light of the sun’s brightness. The smartphone options Auto Brightness, Ambient Light sensor works through all of them.

Proximity Sensor

Proximity sensor is a sensor for smartphones is very important. This is also a hardware Beijing sensor. No matter how far away or your smartphone than it is to be able to detect it.
Proximity Sensor
Your body is far from the smartphone proximity sensor can understand the sense of it. Take the phone to your ear when you phone’s display automatically when the lights are off so your battery is low cost. Not only that, because the sensor is active when you talk on the phone if you inadvertently touch screen will not be a problem if it takes.
Position Sensors
As long as you say that it will protect your phone from unnecessary work. If you remove the phone from ear to recommend the display lights will come back again.

Compass / Magnetometer / Magnetic Sensor

Simply speaking, a compass or a magnetic sensor with the earth’s poles. Sensation kind of magnets or magnets, which are used to interacting with Earth’s magnetic field or magnetic field of the earth, and to indicate the direction.

Although mainly used for navigation of the magnetic sensor is being used quite well on a smartphone these days. However, too much of balsamic smartphone these sensors can not be used. The feature on the phone, only those phones can be observed in the presence of the sensor. Of the total, compared with the poles of the earth where you stand, it’s done deckhand magnetic sensor.

Smartphone or tablet via the GPS, we are determining the position, the job is basically sensation. In addition to determining the position of the sensor also is used in a variety of games and applications.

Gyroscope Sensor

Angular acceleration based on anything in order to determine the location or the sensor is used to measure laparoscopy. The smartphone is used to measure the rotation speed laparoscopy each axis.

In other words no matter what rate, how quickly it will turn Bakunin way to evaluate the work of laparoscopy. Not only that, as a result of the use of a smartphone’s accelerator and laparoscopy together a total of 6-axis motion sensor which can only slightly more subtle results than arteriosclerosis able to pay.
At first iPhone smartphone comes with laparoscopy
Because of all the smartphones do not have to be expensive, but laparoscopy. However, these sensors are not too important. To evaluate the results a little more subtle than there’s no work. Moreover, if there is not some idea laparoscopy 42 Android Jelly Bean’s photo sphere camera can not be used. In fact, this notion is wrong. Laparoscopy General Android device, but you can not use the photo sphere camera. There is no device photo sphere of the Nexus. However, if you want, without laparoscopy Nexus camera with Maude photo sphere camera can use your normal phone, only slightly lower quality than the images will be the Nexus devices.

To my knowledge, the first Apple iPhone 4 disambiguate laparoscopy was built. Later, the Nexus series of devices is laparoscopy. At present, almost all of the Android phones on the market, Walton and Symphony, as well as some phones are being laparoscopy.

Some may ask ‘motion sensor’ Where is it? In fact, the motion sensor is a single sensor. Accelerator sensor, Proximity sensor, motion sensors are all laparoscopy sensors.

There are also many other sensors, such as thermal sensors, sensors, etc. illuminate back. However, the introduction of these sensors in today’s episode is not much like. However, there is nothing to be disappointed, the next will be discussed again at some stage. Stay tuned as the Facebook page of the Android speech. Ask about any of these sensors, you must tell us what suggestions in the comments, or requests.

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