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wordpress Install and manage plugins tutorial

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Welcome to WordPress tutorial series. The two spoke briefly before the feast of WordPress plugins. WordPress plugins to install and manage in today’s discussion of the process.

Before we begin the discussion to repeat two plugins for WordPress allows you to install 1. Direct WordPress Dashboard (Pluging) and two from. FTP software to upload WordPress plugins direktrarite.

Let’s discuss how to install …

  • 1. Log in to your WordPress site’s dashboard. Plugings section, click Add New. See image below …
  • 2. Click the Add New … Upload the following plugins and click on the upload page. Note: If you want your site to the search plugins can be tagged out in accordance with.
  • 3. Plugins to upload Browse (Browse) to …
  • 4. Browse (browse) After clicking the File Upload box below. From there, select the plugin you need … I’m here mobilepress 1.1.5 Open and select the name of the plugin. mobilepress plugging your site is to install mobile phone to see clearly. Because the internet world is no less. Thousands of visitors visited several sites constantly mobile.
  • 5. Plugging in to open the Install Now button to install WordPress directorate …

Make a note of the … WordPress theme and plugin 21 insatalesana method similar to that in place. 🙂

  • 6. After installing the plugin Activate (activate) to …
  • 7. All Plugings you to activate the plugin on your site automatically will take … From there you can see more and besides that there are plugins. However, I’ve installed mobilepress plugging in the name of the individual to be able to customize the dashboard MobilePress setting under Settings. But if you are not skilled in coding, but do not go to hand. Because, by default they are unable to work through it. If you try to activate the mobile browsing with plugging your site.
  • 8. Now, if for some reason you are plugging deactivated (disabled) if you want to keep. It can be done at any plugging. If you just plugging your name to the bottom and click Deactivate. See the image below …
  • 9. Deactivated (inactive) plugging activate (enable) the same way if you want to just plugging in your name to the bottom and click Activate. See the image below …

WordPress plugin install and manage detailed discussion ends here!



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