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wordpress Install and manage themes tutorial

Written by Tusher

Welcome to WordPress tutorial series. WordPress themes and plugins, also spoke briefly about the last few episodes. Today’s topic of discussion, and to manage the process of installing WordPress themes.

Before we begin the discussion repeat for WordPress allows you to install themes in two ways: 1. Direct WordPress dashboard (Appearnace> Themes) and II. FTP software to upload WordPress plugins directorate.

Let’s discuss how to install …

  • 1. Log in to your WordPress site’s dashboard. From the Appearance> Themes and click. See image below …
  • 2. Appearance> Themes will get after clicking on the following page. After installing the WordPress theme that is selected will show it. Available themes are and what it would look like the following … To install a new theme, click on the Install Themes tab …
  • 3. By filtering on the next page you can find a variety of themes according to the categories and keywords.
  • 4. From that page, click Upload.
  • 5. Browse the selection of the theme for this year …
  • 6. Your hard disk, select the theme from the theme and click Open.
  • 7. To install the theme in the theme of your site and click on Install Now.
  • 8. Your uploaded automatically unzip the theme in a bit of the theme directory will be installed on the site. Now it’s time to activate the theme for your site. Activate the theme of your site will look like before you see it, click Activate next to Preview. After seeing click Activate.
  • 9. The dashboard site displays your newly installed theme. As shown below …

Note: You can activate the theme of the site by browsing your site to see if the theme is displayed properly. You can not install the theme to theme of this tutorial is that it is not compulsory that this may be militate. So, not only in relation to the theme of your work in conjunction with the tutorial note similarities. 

Now you’re going to do our best to display more information in the sidebar widgets (gadgets), add …

  • 10. Dashboard Appearance> Widgets and click on …
  • 11. Widgets can click on the following pages. Dragging-dropping widgets from the sidebar to fit your needs, add the following section in the sidebar. In addition to adding they will be saved automatically.
  • 1. Sidebar widgets to fit your needs dragging-dropping when you are added to the sidebar section of your site’s URL to browse. If all goes well your site, such as the following (according to your theme) will be displayed.

WordPress install and manage detailed discussion ends here! I’ll see you at the next posting! 🙂

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