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JavaScript programming

What is JavaScript

Written by Tusher

What is JavaScript,JavaScript is a popular scripting language, which is a web page ingratiating and increased functionality, form desalinate, instruct the browser, indicating the time and date, etc. phantasmagoria used in both client and server can work. So the user with data from the server to complete the necessary processes to prancer. JavaScript ECMA International Organization developed and built by Brandon H (Brendan Eich). JavaScript’s official name ECMAScript.

Practice Project

<title> www.trickbd.com.bd</title>
body{background: #FFC}

<script type=”text/javascript”>

<input type =”button” value = “Click Me”
onClick=”alert(‘Welecome to www.trickbd.com.bd’)”>


Notepad to open a file type from the menu at the top of layer code by clicking on the Save as File name: index.html, Save as type: All files, save and open the index.html file with the Mozilla Firefox look like the image shown below.

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