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Use of HTML frame

Written by Tusher

With HTML web pages are divided into more than one frame to the previous day were used. Using frames is reduced day by day. At the present time, there is the use of frames, the frames are made using the printed pages together is quite difficult. In addition, many people dislike it. Instead, more than any of the pages are divided into sections can now use CSS. However, in order to enrich the knowledge of html frame about the need to have some idea.

Example Program:

<body bgcolor=” #000“>
<frameset rows=”12%,88%”>
<frame src=”style.html” scrolling=”no”>
<frameset cols=”27%,74%”>
<frame src=”link.html”>
<frame src=”textfor.html” >


Create a folder called that in style.html, link.html textfor.html three html files to keep and then open a Notepad file type that stands at the top of the menu code by clicking on the Save as File name: index.html, Save as type: All files, save and open the index.html file with the Mozilla Firefox look like the image shown below.

The program discussed

<Frameset rows = “12%, 88%”> the first row along the entire pejatare is divided into two parts.
<Frameset cols = “27%, 74%”> Along the bottom row of columns is divided into two parts.
<Frame src = “style.html” scrolling = “no”> page to display the first frame has been style.html.
<Frame src = “link.html”> and <frame src = “textfor.html”> 1 through the first and second frames, respectively, in the second row of the display are two link.html and textfor.html pages.

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