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Tutorial 2 Introduction to Android basic ADT file structure

Written by Tusher

Today, we will learn something important. Android application must know before we build any parts of the software in place that will create ayaaplikesana work to do.

So, I have done with the Photoshop menu skinasata / apasanagulate numbers have to sit. Which is what I do now for over seigula. Have a look at the image. Skin was one shot does not work, so the two auctions.


android workspace file structure


1 – It’s my applications folder. This will be all the files.

2 – It is the source. Here is the Java file in my package.

3 – It’s a package. The package contains Java files.

4 – file an initial code we write is my Java file. We see applications yatagula pages are usually tatagula activity. Java files, as well as the activity of the Creator is tatagula yatagula page. Again, these designs for a visual XML (XML) files. It will be shown in the next image.

5 – This is Jane or jenereteda file. There is no work here. We will run the code generated purchase these.

6 – This is the R file. When we XML (XML) in the dijanera any kampanenta (such as buttons, text, images) code will be generated the reference file is submitted to a craving them. With Java, the design of this file, we’ll eksasa R kamponentata and get it to work with Java.

7 – It’s Assets folder. Here we can do anything. Here we will work with phonagyapa files. If you want to use custom fonts and the font of the text which we are able to keep this folder.

8 – bin. Binary folders. The .apk file is submitted jenereteda here. We can use the phone as a inistila.

9 – Our .apk file.

10 – libasa. Here we put Java external libraries, and use code.

11 – Race. This means that resource. There are a lot of resources. Yegula our applications are used. If we want to keep it as an audio file to be able to keep eyape. Our XML file will be here.

12 – This is the manifest file ayandrayeda. It’s kind of shocking important files. We can do it a lot. Given permission, to declare activity. Well, I will write a separate aspect. So, be patient.

13 – New From here we can do anything Creator.

14 – This is the SDK Manager. From here we will manage SDK. Once you install the example API / anainistala. Once you install the system image / anainistila.

15 – AVD (Android Virtual Device) Manager. Here we build our application will make a test run. It’s a virtual Android phone.

16 – Run It button. Clicking run to compile the code.

17 – .18 Java File – Open XML File tab.

19 – The XML file to open the graphical view. This means that it will look like eyape. Kampanentagula where we can drag and drop.

20 – This is the console. Here’s how it works if we run eyaplikasana will tell. For example, a virtual device is on, I inistila eyappalikesana being built, open applications, and so on.

21 – LogCat. One important thing is terrible. If your application is error. Crashes. No line is wrong, what is wrong will lagakyate. What applications work being done in the right way is to call a method, you will be loading the inapharamyasanao.

The image continues to go duite. Here are the rest of res expands pholdarata have nambariim. Here’s what I have done,

introduction to android workspace

22, 23 – it leyOut folder. As I said earlier. Each view of an application / pages is normally an activity or a Java file. The Java files into another view is that what we see. Segulai have this layout. From here, we’ll design.
24 – Menu folder. Share your phone’s image gallery on the top right corner you will see a button. Clicking on the things that are out of the menu. We’ll design craving them here. 25, 26, 27 will not work now. After the show.

28 – We’ll Creator new application by clicking here.

29 – code that can be run from here.

30 – window. In this environment, which is one of our sabagulai Wind. In addition, there is a lot of. From here we will be able to access craving them.

And yes, this file strarkacara better understand their difficulty Android studioteo not work.

This until today. If you have any questions, please comment. Your question may have seen someone learn to read. Or I may learn something new.

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