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What is PHP Full Tutorial

PHP (PHP) is called hypertext predecessor (Hypertext Preprocessor). PHP is a programming language. This is known as server-side scripting language. And the creation of dynamic web sites intracranial PHP is a powerful language. It is an open source scripting general paraphrase lyanguyeja was more popular with web programmers. AP HP also provides maximum security for stored data on the Web. PHP is HTML (HTML) also can be used. Several advanced open source content management system, including WordPress, Joomla (CMS) created by PHP. Using PHP to create a custom content management system. In addition, e-commerce, management, online banking, software development, etc. PHP is widely Tabatha.

What is PHP Full Tutorial

PHP and HTML is a program written by


echo “<h1>We are learning PHP</h1>”;
echo “<br />”;
echo “<h2>Welcome to</h2>”;


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