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How To Create Robots.txt files Tutorial

robots.txt file on the site with a search engine spider bots kraulara Which pages and pages will not see what you see and what they could be controlled. This control method is called robatasa eksaklusana Protocol (Robots Exclusion Protocol) or standard robatasa eksaklusana (Robots Exclusion Standard) This file is recognized symbols that are used in the making here
Robots.txt Protocol – Standard Syntax & Semantics
Share / sign
Nirdesakarerobata (s) who
Pratitilaina disallow: diyesuruhayaerapareapani / URL path through the path thikakarediteparenaetekareoi বাফাইলবাওইপেজআররোবটক্রাউলকরবেনা।যদিকোন kajakarabe nadenaathyatphakathaketahale disallow path to allow.

Disallow field may represent partial or complete URL. / Sign will specify the path to the path that the robot visits karabenayemana
Disallow: / help
#disallows both /help.html and /help/index.html whereas
Disallow: / help /

Would disallow /help/index.html but allow /help.html

Some examples
All robots that will allow you to visit all files (wildcard “*” indicates the robot)
User-agent: *
All robots will not visit any of the files
User-agent: *
Disallow: /
Just visit the approval of gugalabata will be able to visit one
User-agent: GoogleBot

User-agent: *
Disallow: /
Your visit will boost the GoogleBot and yahoo Slurp will not be anyone left
User-agent: GoogleBot
User-agent: Slurp

User-agent: *
Disallow: /
If you want to stop visits to a particular quail
User-agent: *

User-agent: ipage
Disallow: /
If these files or pages on your site URL to crawl off the pages of some of the problems still can show somewhere. Referral Log on as fire can show URL. Moreover, there are some Search Engine Algorithm is not very high, so when the engine spiders / Boat crawl when they are sent to all the URL crawl your robots.txt file will ignore the guidelines.
Another good way to avoid these problems is to keep all the content htaccess file with a password or off.



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