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Technology Updates

See "Wi-Fi" radiation serious health risks

Written by Tusher

Modems and routers in the house of the words coming out of the house, air pollution, radiation Making.

Let us assume that Wi-Fi radiation to harm us is:

In case of pregnant women, pregnant women and children about this very
You should be aware of. This type of tremendous impact of radiation on pregnant. If you have small children at home as well as Wi-Fi technology should be avoided.

Lack of sleep: if you sleep during the day in most of the Wi-Fi radiation could be a problem, of course. Wi-Fi must be turned off during sleep, sleep.

Energy level: in particular, has seen women who’ve been in Wi-Fi radiation, their energy levels are much lower.

Brain Power: Scientists report, Wi-fai serious impact children at school.
In adults, there was a lack of attention most.

Inability to reproduce: The men, on the impact of Wi-Fi. Not only sperm DNA also of impact.

Growth: cell becomes an obstacle to the growth of Wi-Fi radiation. At the same time equally mobile radiation damage. So the scientists, should reduce the use of technology as much as it can be.

An increase in heart: turn on Wi-Fi when many of the harmful emissions may increase as a result of heart. If you can not read most of the impact of the weakness of the heart.

Headache: The headache is very common in excessive radiation. Do not understand at first, but later levels are much higher.

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