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Android Tips

What is the relation between Android and Linux?

There is no relationship between Android and Linux, so many people are out of ideas. In our previous post we showed how a Linux-based operating system Ubuntu Nexus 7 is installed. This leads to questions from readers, how Android is a Linux-based operating system.

The reason is simple. Android Linux.

Android is an operating system. Just like Ubuntu. Android works on a standard Linux kernel. In simple terms can be called the heart of the operating system kernel. They understand the work you are doing in touch with the software and hardware work instructions to carry out responsibilities in this kernel. A desktop computer with your keyboard and mouse, such as the Linux kernel, the operating system commands that translate, Android device, the same thing happened. Here is your touch, swipe, and first of all to the kernel indicates that the next Android to work according to your input.

This crenelation Android Linux. Basically, Karnataka is called Linux. Linux is an operating system name. This is the first step in operating systems.

Android smartphones and tablet computers like desktop that works behind the Linux kernel. This type of work is different both because of the way you use your desktop computer, do not use your smartphone or tablet the same way.

So, next time when you pick up your Android device, the Linux user, or at least in part, rather than undermines predetermination keep in mind, your hand is dispensation Android Linux kernel.

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