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How To Before programming book section.

Written by Tusher

But the fact of the computer to count, is not it? While we listen to music, watch videos, play games, do more of the work. In fact, the computer understands the zero (0) and one (1) account. So the user (user) Whatever it was, but the computer does the calculations. One of the causes behind the widespread use of computer software to work with a different type of computer. If the software is to make the program do what it is to write programs that instruct the computer.

At one time, but was only 0 and 1 using the computer to write programs. Because the computer is 0, 1, but some do not understand, but if you want the computer to do the job, he will direct the work of its language. 0, 1 using the programming was done, he would have used that language is called machine language. Then came the assembly language. The instruction such as ADD (add), MUL (multiplication), and a chance to use. And the language of 0, 1, was in charge of ayasembalarera on hold, programmers do not have to think about. But it is not the end of human needs. The result is the emergence of new things and new demand. Once that was done with the assembly language is going to be trouble. So, easier and better to write large programs in a variety of programming languages. – Such as Fortran (Fortran), Basic (Basic), Pascal (Pascal), C (C). It does not end here, and then came many languages, which is one of the, C Plus Plus (C ++), Visual Basic (Visual Basic), Java (Java), C Sharp (C #), Perl (Perl), PHP (PHP) , Python (Python), Ruby (Ruby). Computer scientists have yet to create innovative programming language. Programmers write programs using the language and each language has a different compiler, which is working to convert the program into a computer-readable, so it is not worried about the programmers.

The three main functions of the programmer to program the time of writing. First of all to understand what he is going to do that, I mean what the program actually works. Then thinking and reasoning (logic) is to set up an algorithm. I mean, lajikagulo step is to decorate. Of the algorithm to convert a programming language, which we call coding. Different language is more suitable for different types of work.

In this book we will try to learn some basic programming, and we write programs using the C language. I assume, that you are accustomed to using computers and are unfamiliar with programming. The reason behind using the C language, the language is quite old but very strong and popular. Very useful for understanding the fundamentals of programming in C language. Very few of the most popular programming language that can be used in the competition, in C major. We are not going to learn everything about C However, with the basic things you need to look into it. After reading this book you can read a book for the C or another language (such as C + +, Java or Python), you can start. I have something that brings the book to the Appendix, which will be useful to you.

Three things you need to read the book, computer (internet connection), a C compiler, and not enough time. Do not rush to take two to three months after the book was better. Reading alone is not enough to learn programming, as well as the need to be encoded. In each example, the book You have to manually code. Whenever any question I’ll have to think about it. If for two or three hours or two or three days it takes perforce, there is no loss, but the habit of thinking about a problem for a long time is very important. Before starting to read the next section to section can not be completely understood. If any part is very easy to you, not the part perfectly, and the programs do not go away in the next section. General paralikhara learn programming differences. The reading is necessary to work with. I read this book, but you can not be a programmer, read the book, you will begin to be a programmer.

Let’s come to find a C compiler? There are many compilers for C. If you are using Mac or Linux, but like most of the gcc. Most Linux distributions are installed. If you do not have to install it on your computer. And if you’re using Windows Codeblocks  can use. This is a free and open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and Mac and Linux. Normally common with any text editor (such as Notepad, gedit, keraita) by entering the code using the compiler to compile and run it. But most of the IDE (IDE) by selecting the custom text editor and compiler. The program is arranged to run. In addition, there are different types of tools.

You can download and install directly from the site at Codeblocks  Downloads for Windows, you have two options to look at Binaries- page: codeblocks-10.05-setup.exe and codeblocks-10.05mingw-setup.exe. The second is that you download (74.0 MB). The work to install any other software or the same way. Those who use Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Software Center (Applications> Ubuntu Software Center) you can download it from.

Programming agendas. There are several websites on the Internet, where there are plenty of problems to solve with the help of the program. You can place a C programming. Some of these sites also organizes regular programming contests. The competition will undoubtedly increase your programming skills, programmers, and other countries in the world with the opportunity to mesarao. However, when programming competitions will not only handle things on programming, mathematical skills is also important. We will talk about programming contests at Appendix.

I have a number of books under each program. If the program number is .5, which means it is the second chapter of the fifth program.

This is not a story book. Can not read the trough. Turn on the computer to read and write will see that every single program, to solve any problem at the time tried to solve it. Remember, the more pleasure the more programming.

I hope you will read the chapters with patience and all the programs will continue. Best wishes.

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