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PHP programming services for the necessary materials

Written by Tusher

HTML (HTML) generated by the static Web pages are displayed directly in the browser, but PHP was compiled by the server to the browser is displayed screening before being converted to HTML. The AP program, as well as writing eicapite like index.php (.php) files associated with the dot PHP extension for the browser to display the server must be used. It may be a question, PHP on the server is required to do any work? That’s what I have to do the web hosting space? Answer the question, to do any work on the PHP web hosting servers are not required, but this will be. For PHP programmers developed the source code to their local computer and then upload it to the web server. Local server to the local computer is used. Apache is the most popular local server (Apache). With the local computer server PHP (PHP) and database queue for the creation of Mai S. L. (MySql), and must be installed.

PHP and HTML is a program written by

<title> www.trickbd.com.bd</title>

echo “<h1>We are learning PHP</h1>”;
echo “<br />”;
echo “<h2>Welcome to www.trickbd.com.bd.</h2>”;


Writers:He is studying electrical engineering at. trickbd.com.bd and bijnanaprayukti blog he writes about technology, including electronics. Currently he is working tiutohoste as well as education.

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