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Php Array tutorial

Written by Tusher

In simple terms Array (Array) List of variables, or variables tables. Data storage space is reserved for variables. But in general, only one variable data can be stored. With the same name but a different variable to declare a complex process. This problem can be eliminated by using Array. Where only one variable name is enough. For example, $ name0 = “Rahim”; $ Name1 = “Karim”; $ Name2 = “Abdulla”; $ Name = “Manik”; Instead of $ name = array ( “Rahim”, “Karim”, “Abdulla”, “Manik”); If you use the same work.

Practice Project

body{background: #00cc99 ; color: #000000;}

echo “<h2> Example of manual variable </h2>”;
$name0 = “Rahim”;
$name1 = “Karim”;
$name2 = “Abdulla”;
$name3 = “Manik”;
echo $name0;
echo “<br />”;
echo $name1;
echo “<br />”;
echo $name2;
echo “<br />”;
echo $name3;
echo “<br />”;
echo “<h2> Example of Array </h2>”;
$name = array(“Rahim”,”Karim”,”Abdulla”,”Manik”);
echo $name[0];
echo “<br />”;
echo $name[1];
echo “<br />”;
echo $name[2];
echo “<br />”;
echo $name[3];
echo “<br />”;



After writing the above Kodak a notepad click the File menu, click Save as index.php in the File name in the Save as type, select All files by clicking on the Save to Save. index.php file C: \ xampp \ htdocs should be in the htdocs folder. Htdocs folder to the Desktop Shortcut to the action easily could be put in. If XAMPP Running index.php file in the browser address bar to show the will to write http: //localhost/index.php. And if a new folder in the htdocs folder create a folder named as the site of the index.php file is to write to the browser’s address bar http: //localhost/site/index.php. If the browser look like the image below.


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