GP free net with PC

pc free net is back with your pc just enjoy it’s.Welcome to the Great Event of GP Easynet.Today I have brought to the GrameenPhone to your Computer using the free internet pack.GP is now protected by their security expert, GP free net is not eligible for at this time like before.

Do not talk to the direct post.

On the PC, EasyTether runs the Net via Http Injector or KPN Tunnel via USB.
Many have run the net on PC with PdaNet but it is disconnected from time to time, and many do not have to connect or connect. So today, Aslam is a new software called EasyTether. Hopefully nobody will do this problem. As long as EasyNet runs, the tricks of this will continue.
Follow the procedure below to run a free net on the PC with the Http Injector or KPN Tunnel or other VPN on the PC.
What to do:

PC Free Net Tutorial:

  1. First, connect the Http Injector or KPN Tunnel to the mobile phone.
  2. Connect to PC with mobile USB.
  3. mobile’s Setting>Advanced Setting>Developer Option then USB DEBUGGING is ON.
  4. Download and install EasyTether Pro apk from this link (156kb)>>> EasyTeather Pro.apk
  5. Then download EasyThether.exe software from this link
    (5.84mb)>>> EasyThether.exe
  6. Download EasyTether.exe software via USB to PC and then install.
  7. Then double click on EasyTether software from PC (see minimized taskbar)
  8. Open the Easytether Pro App on the mobile.
  9. Minimize the taskbar on the PC EasyTether will click once to show the model of your mobile first clicked then it will be connected.

This way you can use a free net on the PC with full speed. Screenshot of the speed below is the maximum speed of 2-3mb / second in the morning!

gp freeGP Free Net

Because of the shortage of time, I could not give more Screen Short And those who are not working, they will follow 100% of the above procedures. If you want to work, please let me know. ✌
Thank you.

Special Credits To

John_Nil & Farhan Mushfik 👏

Any problem contact Fb ARIF KHAN


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