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Technology Updates

PC and its easy solution to various problems

In a variety of ways to identify computer parts:

To get an idea about the various parts of your computer before you will be muleteer Casing. Just look at the inside of the casing behind the two screws loose.

  • So you see that the motherboard is the main circuit board is large. The power supply on the back of the casing. Power supply from a number of red, yellow, black or blue comes out of her. Some connected directly to the
  • motherboard and some other hardware, such as CD drive, floppy drive, hard disk.
  • Which processor cooling fan to the motherboard to find out. Usually it is left somewhat on the motherboard. It is not possible to meet directly to the processor fan.
  • RAM is the right general processor. 24ti madelabhede slot, lambakrtira.
  • Sound understanding of what it takes to find out where the speaker input jack on the device.
  • Similarly, you can find out which of your graphics card to the monitor cable.
  • In the same way modem (telephone), LAN card (brandabyanda the Internet) allows you to find out.
  • Lustrous glossy red, yellow, black or blue cables Power Cable. White or red kyabalagulo wide data cable.
  • Casing the power cord of a normal PC, monitor cord, mouse and keyboard, speaker input the PC, all of which are primary icons.

Our solution: We want to identify it as a known problem. Do not think that if the computer is running on a regular basis will not be wrong. One solution to this problem for new users. It is the vendor’s turn to unnecessary expense. Listen carefully to the words. I hope that your efforts will not be in vain.
* Power switch on the system’s internal speaker sound seemed to many an eye. That is the number one beep if the computer can not display output. Or keyboard not connected properly to the motherboard, but it could be.

If you are a big bipera two short beep does not mean your motherboard RAM. Try not to change to change the RAM slot.

If you get a big bipera three short beep, then surely the problem display or graphics output.

And if you are a big beep beep, then four smaller mean your motherboard or any hardware is important that we have lost, or are not working properly.

However, the internal speaker for your PC, but need to be. Many motherboard’s built-in internal speaker thakeanyagulate hayasadharanata make separate computer with the time of purchase, if it is sometimes forgotten that the sellers have to be properly fitted by pareseksetre speaker box in your motherboard from the seller to bring kinanaile time. I can see why it’s giving so much importance.

  • Look at the monitor. Is it in sleep mode ? That is what the LED lights are blinking text note. If not, the LED lights jbalei and monitor if there is something to congratulate you. Tension on your motherboard and graphics card just achesamasyata chotokhatono! * If the power is on, it is not possible to open the casing to see if your power supply is undoubtedly a problem. Try to find where the problem is.
  • At this time, pressing the power button on the PC motherboard power LED shines kesinyera kesinyera must understand that the response is not due to any problem in power supply output voltage can not produce enough. If possible, try another power supply to the plant.
  • This time is not working? Your problem may be getting suicei. The motherboard manual to see if you can work for experienced users with two-pin motherboard power button to work out the way you can see whether contacts. Anabhijnara not do this, however, like to go to.
  • I hope the solution of the problem. This year, the computer will not start? If you have to understand the problem of RAM. RAM set on the RAM slot, or see the change.
  • Boot the computer malfunction, but before the Windows loading stuck? You have to understand the problem your hard disk. Check the hard drive power and data cable connections. Cable connector attached to the motherboard that it will be possible to see the changes. This is what the computer is turned on properly loading the operating system may shut down and then restart the PC is dhuruma. This is probably due to the weakness of the processor’s cooling fan or hitasinka connections and processors. Check to see if the fan is not moving properly, or if the fan is all pretty tight. If the cooling fan off hitasinka apply again. Duipase pressure to open up the cooling fan.
    And if you do not suddenly stop signal mean a little time off with the means to attack the virus.
    I mean to say that all of a sudden it’s gone off the computer during the same incident.
    Also some cable loose / broken due to being on the computer may be switched off. Note the suggestion.

The type of problems in other hardware
Pictures do not monitor
Our solution: If the monitor does not display and the LED lights will go out to the graphics / video card or monitor any issues that have become loose cable connections. Check connections. Sometimes changing the RAM slots, but this problem can be solved. You can see without having to reset the BIOS settings.
The type of problems in other hardware
The graphics card is the way to understand the problem?
Our solution: If the power switch on the computer monitor and the graphics card, three short beep If you have to understand the problem. Open your graphics card attached to another PC to make sure it is okay. If the built-in graphics separate graphics card to test it with the AGP slot AGP parenaintigreteda reset the BIOS settings to see if you can solve the problem.
The type of problems in other hardware
What can I do kampale monitor blurred or images?
Our solution: If the monitor is blurred or if it should be understood tremble refresh rate of the monitor and graphics card are incompatible. If you understand this is a problem in Windows loading screen refresh rate settings were incorrectly. Meanwhile, after the system boots you will see the message Starting Windows in Safe Mode by holding down the Windows key on your keyboard, turn on the F-8. The graphics / display refresh rate, and adjust properties.
The type of problems in other hardware
Color and pattern of the monitor is unclear what is the solution?
Our solution: color and pattern can be seen in the dim and turn on the monitor when the monitor is not to be understood ekahaya calui tremble or your Direct X graphics card is old or do not have the latest driver. So always use the latest Direct X, and keep updated graphics card driver. Still, if you have problems with your video card, and Windows will understand that there are problems in the kampatibilitite. Show anyone experienced this situation, or contact the seller.
The type of problems in other hardware

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