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how to learn The name of the facility and the issuance of land rent designs To online

Land designs online, rent deposit and mutation benefits … must know how to use Your.

Land across the country about the difficulties faced by the people of Bangladesh were suffered. The Ministry of Land, such as rent on land in different land, land, land registration fees and is centered on the design, etc online.

According to the Ministry of land, the land rent, land registration fees to pay online, etc. with the goal of developing customized software that work has already begun. As soon as the software is the first pilot project will be completed and it will start from the Baridhara in Dhaka.

The project of land record and survey directorate, MA Mannan said, “We the people of the opportunity to perform a variety of active land to the project have undertaken. A pilot project is in full swing. Baridhara, Dhaka, from the trial to the public as soon as we made the software online, land surveying, and land registration fees, including paying rent online can give the ground a chance to see design.

He added, “all the people on the ground in every district of the country on a variety of collected revenue to the registrar’s office Book II will be computerized. After creating its own software system will be introduced. Land trading, bayanapatra, cuktipatrasaha pirasodha various fields can be booked online phio. “The digitization of land under up to two million four thousand village survey maps of the CS and SA lakh 15 thousand has been computerized map. This process will further expand the already digitalized maps of 89 countries in the survey, the RS has started more concerned department.

Now, anyone with a deposit of just 15 minutes to collect a fee of Rs 310 can map their village land. From one place to get all the benefits of the land is very aware of the Ministry of Land, Ministry of Land, all the work on registration of land already transferred to the Ministry of land from the Ministry of Justice has completed the process of bringing all. Once this process is completed within a few days of registration of land, including land registration process will be much faster and do not need to go to the Ministry of the paper. Meanwhile, many people are concerned, online brokers and corrupt in the land, all offer opportunities for corruption and spend a lot of time will be reduced.

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