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What are HTML tags Tutorial

Written by Tusher

Programs written in HTML for the <> and </> two marks, and some of these, such as Word html, head, title, body, and Keyword are used. <> Or </> sign, and written in a Keyword tag is called a conjunction. For example <html> and </ html>. <Body> tag to the body and </ body> tag end of the body.

Construction of the common HTML tags:



<html> </html>

HTML The document indicates.


Indicates the head of the program.


The document refers to the title.


The main part of the program refers to the content.


Anchor Tags.


Abbreviation Tags.


Bold The text refers to.


Italic The text refers to.


The text refers to the larger than usual.


The text refers to the smaller than usual.

<blockquote> </blockquote>

Is used to express a special quote.

<br / >

Creates a line break.


Computer code published text.


The table is used.


Columns are used to create the table.


The table is used to create the cell.


The table row is used.


Forms are used.


Header tags are up 1-6.


Creates a parallel line.


Used to add a picture.


Form is used to create the input field.


Is used to create the list.


Meta Tags.


Order is used to create the list.


Unorder is used to create the list.


Refer to paragraph


pre-formatted The text is used.


The text refers to the teletype.


Strong The text refers to.


subscripted text Indicates.


superscripted text Indicates.

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