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Android Tips

HTC's new flagship phone, which remains one of ema9

Written by Tusher

HTC’s new flagship phone, which remains one of ema9,The flagship of HTC phones have been able to glean from all praise. And it’s a great design and premium build quality. HTC Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, starting today, a new flagship phone, the HTC One m-9 also praised the company managed to hold.

However, bubbling flagship HTC One series of disappointing aspect of the new phone also . The phone is said to be the most commendable aspects of the Diefenbaker. Without input device than previous phones are a little different than others. The Bharat technology in HTC’s new phone Beautiful disestablishment “has called.

How much is really worthy of praise and much criticism of the new HTC One set of M-9? Let’s take a glance at the hardware specifications and features, then you comment on what you like.

Design and Display:

The HTC One M8 for Full-Metal Ibadan designs from almost everyone has been widely praised, one ema9 also retains the Design and Build loyalist Taiwan company HTC. So that generation of the similarities between the two phones, Mobile World Congress, HTC One ema9 people who have been mistaken for one M8.

So the design of the HTC One fans who ema8, they’ll be happy to know that there is a new phone designs of their choice. However, those who were expecting innovation, HTC has their little disappointment.

5-inch HTC One ema9 also Full HD 1080p display resolution. 4. Protection Gorilla Glass is not over. Although the design of the phone ema8 One ema9 slightly higher than the thickness.


HTC One ema9 will be used in 64-bit Communal Snapdragon 810 octa-core processors are supported. The rapid speed and good processing paranoia not only phones, but imprimatur support for 4K video. In addition, HTC said it would lower battery consumption. The four core processor will run at 1.5 GHz and four runs .0 GHz speed. What is being done based on the phone’s processor will work. As a result, low-power, low-speed coagulator will continue, if necessary, will save the battery. And when they need it, then it should be on high-speed core or core all together.

HTC’s new flagship phone is being used by 3GB of RAM. It includes 3 GB of internal storage and a micros D memory card support up to a maximum of 128 GB.


HTC has been excluded from the main or back camera technology trapezoidal 0.7 megapixel camera and has added a new camera. The camera includes a dual-LED advantages of HDR, panorama and take advantage of both video and photos. However, according to many websites, despite a 0.7 megapixel camera is not a very good picture of the HTC One camera ema9. However, the ema9 HTC’s camera to take pictures in low light better.

htc one m9 back:

Altrapiksela technology from behind the camera for the 4-megapixel front camera, leaving aside the HTC demographically. However, compared to 0-megapixel camera, image quality is not expected to arrive, many expressed their disappointment in the report. Nothing can be understood how bad the market is really a new HTC phone camera phones.


2800 is being used in HTC One ema9 paramilitary battery capacity. This is one of the highest capacity battery HTC phones. It is expected that, as a result of the elephantiasis processor and the display of the HTC One M-9 battery backup battery for more than one day can be found easily. However, the practical experience of other things, it would make sense to wait until the phone market.

Operating systems and other:

Android flagship phones come to the market at the moment that the mandatory lollipops. Otherwise, the phone is one that is going to be negative. HTC One M8 already has been restored, including ema7 update is going to get some lollipops Mid range Android smartphones. One will run from the beginning of the M-9 is based on Android lollipop custom user interface HTC Sense 7.

htc one m9 front:

  1. HTC Sense user interface, the user is going to experience something new. 7 vs. HTC Sense Android lollipop design of materials designed that the comparison is not done. 7. However, the sense of something great facility. If you took a picture, such as the color of the image based on the HTC will automatically create a theme. As a result, the image color combination of your favorite images in a variety of wallpapers and icons can easily change colors.

Thingamajig will hit the market this month, HTC’s new flagship phone. This new smartphone could suffer due to lack of novelty, so the initial comments of others. One of the 0-megapixel camera phone would be a great advantage, however, that more megapixels means a better camera that is not true, it’s going to be HTC’s new flagship phone as evidence.

However, the HTC One ema9 the consumer unit is not yet on the market, so it is expected that HTC still cameras in their last-minute improvement will be completed. The design of the HTC One series has already gained popularity. The rest is to be achieved will not be so hard on behalf of HTC.

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