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Seo tricks

How To Google Webmaster Tools Tutorial

Written by Tusher

Apariharyaekhane know a lot of webmasters use Google Webmaster tools, you can add any site to show how utterly binamulyegugale pages on your site with Google Webmaster Tools also provides a detailed description there is more work is detailed below
Here are the first to go to this address when you sign in with your Gmail account, Gmail account, if balabeapanara because if you do not choose to open a Gmail account, Google Webmaster Tool, except the service (completely free of charge) to receive the user if parabenanaara sign in with the username and password to sign in.
Google Webmaster Tools Now you can add one or multiple sites parenaejanya click Add a Site name of the box with the name of the site you want to add and click the Continue button.

Google Webmaster Tools Tutorial

Verify ownership of the name comes from a page that Google will have to convince Google to prove the ownership of the site, the real owner of the 4 apanisaitera Authentication methods that you can use any of them to prove it.
In the meantime, the 1st method is very simple Upload an HTML file to your server by checking the checkbox to scroll down a bit to see the HTML verification code to download a small file download link and upload your site root folder, if karunasipyanela use in your public_html upload the file.
Verify ownership of the page is a link of this kind have come Click here to upload the file and verify at the end of this episode by clicking on the Finish button.
SEO Webmaster Tools Dashboard:
Verify if the end of this coming from a page by clicking on the link to your site, go to the dashboard.

Google SEO Webmaster Tools Dashboard Tutorials

Dashboard overview of the different types of information, such as Google Search queries your site to search for a list of these words is what the word is used.
Crawl errors have no problem whether your site to kraula information.
Links to your site to link to your site, and there is no site has a list of these sites.
Keywords gugalabata here kraulim of your site is a list of words that are no more than words.
Sitemaps whether or when to submit your Sitemap, Google Sitemap URL database has been taken as the number of information.
Google Webmaster Tools -Dashboard Menu Tutorial:
Site Configuration menu on the left side of the first submenu under the dashboard sitemap. Also from here to submit your Sitemap to Google Sitemaps submitted whether or how many of the Sitemap’s URL database, and the information has been thakenatuna click Submit a sitemap to submit a sitemap to a Sitemap where you have to type the address box and click Submit Sitemap karunaudaharanasbarupa consider webcoachbd site slasa I’m here because I have a sign on the site Sitemap sitemap.xml the root folder.

I’ve already submit your Sitemap Sumitted URLs so see above showing that I’m 00, and submit the URL from Google’s database, 199 have been saved.

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