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Seo tricks

How To Create SEO Sitemap Tutorial

They are advised to submit the XML sitemap to Google, they have a clear idea about your site is very easy to create XML Sitemaps builds payaekata the moment submit to Google in accordance with Google’s algorithm gugalabata kraula downloads and displays a variety of information for this process It may take a few days.
Sitemap XML tag of each of the URL to specify a few things such as the importance (Priority) When the last page has been changed (Last modified date) how often the page is changed or not (change frequency) under it’s own site is a sample Sitemap insert your own by changing the URL to Google Webmaster tools you can submit.

Create SEO Sitemap Tutorial

  1. <? Xml version = “1.0” encoding = “UTF-8”?>
  2. <urlset xmlns=”″xmlns:xsi=””xsi:schemaLocation=””>
  3. </ Urlset>

Only the first two lines of the above sample maps and a copy editor (like Notepad ++) and paste it next lines below show
1. <? Xml version = “1.0” encoding = “UTF-8″?>
2. <urlset xmlns=”″xmlns:xsi=””xsi:schemaLocation=””>

(There’s only one thing to bear in mind that attribute, including the <urlset …> tag at the end of the URL text </ urlset> This tag will end up with two more planned Sitemap sample URL I’ve created a Sitemap at the end of the URL between </ urlset > tag to finish)
<Url> is a URL for the XML tags inside the </ url>
<Loc> here means the page URL address </ loc>
<Lastmod> is the last time the page changed </ lastmod>
<Changefreq> How often do you change the information on this page </ changefreq>
An important part of the Sitemap niceratuka

The <loc> </ loc> inside of the home page of my site’s address on your site address to give you the number of pages on your site URL to all have a copy of each of the upper parts of the <loc> </ loc> put inside. if your site has 500 pages and 500 pages 500 to 500 times if the URL of this part (the top kodatuku) copy and paste URL’s.
* Google sitemap does not carry more than 50,000 of the more than 10 megabytes. If the site is large enough to share a few small few can submit your sitemap.

<Changefreq> </ changefreq> kayakata like to the inside of the parameters.
After you create a page never = If it can never replace
If the page is changed once a year, yearly =
Once every month if you change the page monthly =
For example, I have weekly = weekly means once a week I change my homepage
or if the page is changed daily = every day
If the page is changed every hour or hourly = was
or if the page is constantly changing always =
<Priority> </ priority> is the number to indicate the importance of the inside of the page
1.0 If you have to catch the most important pages in this page
0.1 When will the less important
0.75 0.50 0.25 etc. Thus you can.
Crete Sitemp Software and Site
If the site is large enough to make it time-consuming and boring, because there are some sites and software to create free sitemap of your site will enter the box and the diameter of the site’s homepage debeapani just kayekaminitei software / site before your site is a site phelabeemana
A phone can download the software from the following link Sitemap
Google Webmaster Tools Access Link kraulara
After the link is Google Sitemaps oyebamastare kraulara access link.

If you want any part of your site on Google or any other search engine, then let kraula robot.txt file system before making it dekhiyechigugala can use Google Webmaster Tools you can see that the robot.txt files. Generate robot.txt link Click new to create a robot.txt file parenaara remove URL in Google search results by clicking on the link that shows you can remove any of the pages (which may be the case that there are no pages on your site, was now functioning)

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