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GP Free Net

GP Free net (With Sshort) 11-04-2017

GP Free net (With Sshort) 11-04-2017, Ladies and Gentlemen, how are you, I hope you’re nice. With BD is the best trick of all.
Today, I will share how to run GP SIM card with unlimited free net, find the speed of 1mbps so do not delay.
I will do exactly what it will do, is not it will not speed.
Please download the software.

Dorid Vpn Dowmload

Get On GP Free net (With Sshort)

GP Free net

Select the server.

GP Free net

If your previous account Account- then click Login, and click on Sign Up Free- account if you do not choose to open an account.

Now come the Settings application.

Go to the UDP Settingss-

Remote UDP Setting the day at 5000.

Then go to the Choose Mode Mode1 days.

Then TCount- at 500 that day.

Then, at 114, if RCount-

Who here is done.
Go to Settings- key again.

Go to the TCP and HTTP-

Local TCP Port- tararapara at 1 day.

Then again, go to Settings- originals. Then go to the ICMP settingss-.

The Static Seq number, please go to the Choose ICMP Settings

Dorid Vpn- end settings.
Now you from the bottom of your phone, then go to Setting- Developer Options- Do not Keep Activity on visiting day.

Developer Options enabled mobile phones are not many people who do not have mobile Developer options at the bottom of the phone from Setting- About Phone- go, then touch up to seven times the number in Bulid Number-.

GP Free net

Once all the work Dorid Vpn – Connect by clicking on Start- going to use all Apps free.

When I see a problem with this video.
I free the channel net, earning hakim trick and video to all of you, I’m not sabsakraiba channel.

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