GP free Internet With KPN Tunnel

gp free internet 2017 new tricks and tips [New Server] [Episode 7] 1 Hyp Speed Premium Connection File for Speed KPN Tunnel 1-3 mbps [With Config Download Process + Screenshoot] GP Free Net.

Why do I upload up-4ever?

If a user is using a config, the speed is low. So if you upload to Google Drive or other easy hosting, then 2000-3000 downloads are downloaded, so that speed is 20-100 kb speed, and comment can not be found. And up to 50-60 downloads by that, so that speed is like a tufon.
So do a little trouble for speed.

GP free Internet With KPN Tunnel

Happy Viewer, hopefully everyone is well.

Hope everyone is well.

Let’s say this post is only for those who can run the free net by simulating the SIM.
KPN Tunnel, which is currently used to run Free Net through Eagent.

Eat less RAM
Does not charge like Webtunnel.
There is no limit.

But the problem is the config file.

There is no expired date without download limit. The problem is that I’ll give that config file

  • Expiry 3 days.
  • Connect immediately after clicking
  • Speed is awesome. I will upload new config files by day 5. So there will be no problem with speed.
  • Learn more about importing additional config files (eg Expire Date).
  • Many people use the same conif as the speed is low. So give 5 configs, along with another server. Can not be downloaded with any MINI browser. So hopefully you will get Dhamal Speed.

So download from below today.

Config 26@ 16-08-17.ktc – 2 KB
Config 27@ 16-08-17.ktc – 2 KB
Config 28@ 16-08-17.ktc – 2 KB
Config 29@ 16-08-17.ktc – 2 KB
Config 30@ 16-08-17.ktc – 2 KB

[N.B. Click the link to download, click on Free Download, use the browser and Chrome browser set to download. If you use another browser, Ad Block Off / Disables then download it.]

GP free Internet With KPN Tunnel

Wait until the timer ends by completing the captcha

GP free Internet With KPN Tunnel

[Download and click on Create Download Link]

GP free Internet With KPN Tunnel

Stay hale and hearty everyone. And please do bad tuement. Add me on Facebook to Get Special Config

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