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Technology Updates

Google wants to save you from the pain of remembering passwords

Written by Tusher

Google wants to save you from the pain of remembering passwords,Thinking about the security of online accounts, passwords, or use a smartphone to smartphone or online users. But almost everyone annoying passwords to keep in mind.

Google wants to save you from the pain of remembering passwords


Pain of remembering passwords

Yet despite the use of passwords to remember and one that is necessary. Many people use the same password for multiple online accounts to keep in mind the convenience. But worries remain. Technology analysts think, enough boring and old-fashioned conventional password system. In fact, the password can be hacked easily.

The Senate reality technology media reports, Google wants to be released from the risk-to-remember passwords. Password Manager for ‘dash line partnership agreement with the US company.

The dash line officials said Thursday, a new project they are working with Google to offer Android users to save passwords in their respective mobile app will allow you to easily and securely log in. Not just mobile apps; The password for different websites, you can save and use. It would not be the need to remember passwords.

Google dash line the project name “only login Owens; [YOLO] short. The company wants to create a Password Manager also will be involved in this project.

To save users the trouble of remembering passwords different from the year before, Google has announced. According to a company announcement in December 015, the system has the option to remove the password risk. The password to use this method rather than just ‘yes’ or ‘no’ option by clicking on Gmail, YouTube will be able to access the customer’s account with the service.

Just five months after the announcement, the company announced again, ‘Trust API, there are plans to bring a new kind of recognition software. Applied Sciences will work with the help of this technology, which has a user type, talk, walk etc recognize. This password should be different and will not.


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