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Android Tips

Five Tips To Boost Battery Life on Android devices

Written by Tusher

Five Tips To Boost Battery Life on Android devices,Smartphone battery is an important issue. Your smartphone Android, iPhone, Windows, or whatever the importance of battery life is the same in all cases. In the high-end devices generally do not charge for more than a day. Samsung Galaxy Nexus device to charge me for some time is going to end very quickly. While the dual-core Galaxy Nexus device. At the end of the charge because it was known to me, in order to increase battery life, so I got some tips to share with everyone on the Internet.

Bright paraphernalia

Bright wallpaper I wrote in my previous post on Android battery saving tips. I am writing again, because if your device OLED, AMOLED or Super AMOLED display bright wallpapers and themes, at least if the 0% charge your device will end very quickly. However, this problem usually is not the case of LCD display. Because OLED, AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) or Light Emitting Diode Super AMOLED display using light to create bright or bright color display, which is more than the amount charged at the time of use, but less time to display a black or dark color cost charge. So rich AMOLED display device instead of the dark wallpaper Bright wallpaper and the theme or themes to use in the dark.


Adobe Flash Player and Flash browsing

Many smartphones have been use Adobe Flash Player. When you browse through a variety of different Flash browser Flash content, such as video ads and charge your device at the end of the load which is responsible for the large size. So if your browser settings Flash plugin on demand, it must use. In addition, you can disable Flash from your browser settings. When you need to enable it to recommend.

Phone hairsbreadth

Another feature of Android devices, which reduces your battery is hairsbreadth. When the call comes in and you touch on the display when the phone to vibrate. What keeps many people on the board hairsbreadth, as a result of repeatedly typing the device vibrate. The harebrained that comes from your battery charge is needed. So this will save a lot of battery hairsbreadth turning off. Settings> Sound and Vibrate on touch on the go vibrate when ringing off the day with two options.

App Update:

Usually after a few days of updates for Android app comes installed on the device. Many of us think there is no need to install this update there. But this idea is completely wrong. In the new update to fix various bugs as well as low-charge your device, use that app developers in charge of the crime. So the apps installed on your device is updated on a regular basis in the case of saving a lot of battery helpful.

Background Apps and Live cheetah

Many of the apps on Android devices continues to grandaunt to close the apps. As a result, many of the charges were damaged. Therefore, the task killer apps in the fist or the force close. In addition, it is unnecessary to uninstall the app, which is always good for active data connection. In addition, if the phone is turned on Auto Sync, which drain into the net to use. The live widgets, such as weather widgets, Facebook, instant messaging, etc. to be updated to use the net. Therefore, to reduce the frequency of auto-refresh as well.

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