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Android Tips

The first phone, the processor, RAM and GPU's play

Written by Tusher

Before we call, buy a smartphone camera, audio quality, which is in charge of the watch. But now with these new processors, GPU, and RAM has been added, which is very important when buying the phone. But who are buying for the first time, for the mystical! I understood for the first time to buy so much. Phones purchased at a price took an old processor. This is a mistake that you do not like me for what he posted today.

Let’s take a look at the new Android phone will need to consider when buying any hardware. Note that, as much as simply an advanced understanding of these issues could have been written at all starters. So the processor, GPU, etc. do not like the idea of this post also apply to normal.

Smartphones – Small Computer

The first thing is not to think of the Android phone Imagine a small computer. A good processor will help you to work much faster. The higher the RAM, the more / larger applications / games you can play. The GPU is short for graphics processing unit. The thing that comes to your display’s main job is to process, some may say that the only graphics processor to another, such as movies, games, graphics are processed. The powerful GPU will not be a problem to play better games and HD movies.

Mobile processor is quite expensive, but it is easy to understand computer. I posted a little bigger, but started from scratch, remove the patience.


You can think of the processor as a man who can do a lot. But he can not do all the work, to which he was able to do only what has been taught. You can not learn new things. He now has been taught to slow or fast. Sometimes there may be many more people like him, a job they had to share. This is more than one man or dual-core processors remain essentially a quad-core, etc. can be called.

You know what to do in case of processors is called the processor instruction set. When buying an Android phone is the first time will see Instruction set. ARM11 processor instruction set, the phone is old ARMV6 or, now that a new era of major programs / games are unable to run. ARMv6 phones in buying now. You can find this information on the phone’s specification stop. Or if the next is ARMv7 processor Advanced.

The structure or architecture of the processor. Just knowing you are not strong to be strong. This is the second visit, is architecture.

Processor Architecture

Basically, the type of architecture in ARMv7- 5. They are the Cortex A5, A7, A8, A9 and A15. The company complies with all 5 processor architecture is made. 5 cortices old, is quite weak; The cortices of the 15 most powerful. Since the 15’s there was no phone in the market. Recently, the market has been used in the Galaxy S4 CPU 15. Since Android device at the time of purchase, if possible, should be 9, unless 7; 5. This is not worth taking.

But there are many people who do not watch movies or play games on the HD. It would be better for them again at 5 neonatal. For example, Cortex processors is less than 5 using the battery in your phone so you can get a long battery backup.

NEON processor support is another matter. This is not complicated. NEON means your processor is able to show HD quality video directly.

Aspidiske or speed of the processor. Of course not as good as over.

The last thing processor, multi core is. I told you in the first place, if two people share the work, it just so. That means two dual-core processors, quad-core means 4. Quad-core processor does not mean that it would be better tao again. But many see the beginning should be the core processor architecture and instruction set.


After processor RAM. Our memory card or phone memory processor that operates at data rates that can not later. RAM data before it is taken, which works much faster. The more memory, the more data can be faster processor. So the phone may work faster. Yammer speed and architecture there, but I do not need to bother. RAM is basically 3 types of writing, DDR1, 2 and 3. 1 better than II, the 3 better than two.


Finally the GPU. There are a lot of GPU, and many argue that there are sufficient reasons. That is so close to all the trouble that I shared a table with a class of GPU said.

From bottom to top class, the first class is the best and the rest is less strong.

The first class Adreno 320, Tegra 4,3, Mali T-series, MPX series, PowerVR 5XT / 6.
II class Adreno 305, 225, Mali 400 / 450MPX, Tegra 2, PowerVR series 5.
3rd class Adreno 200,205, Mali 400, Tegra, PowerVR 531 below.

But the class is not necessarily all, almost all email to 3rd class. GPU performance is also good but not as much good to be found. So, as far as possible in the budget to buy new Jaipur phone.

It is related to GPU screen resolutions. If the resolution is more and more pixels, the more data is processed jipiiuke. So without more powerful GPU resolutions must be considered on the phone, or the phone will work slowly. And another thing, HD video quipping able to run all of this. But for 1080P must have at least a second-class GPU. 720P is all upset.

Camera and GPU

But the trouble does not end here, many people think that just by phone or tab of the HD video recording depends on the camera sensor. But the 720P and 1080P video recording mobile GPU and the CPU, depending on the good. The camera’s sensor Your images / video recorded. But it goes to the next stage of the CPU and GPU to be processed (Rendering) for. And as soon as the end of the video in the form of processed or rendering our view is worthwhile.

At a Glance

Before I finish writing all the more clear. CPU / GPU, no matter how good, no matter strictly between the two must be in harmony or in Combination. Take as an example the Xperia Tipo-. Find Tipo 512MB RAM, Communal MSM7225AA 800 MHz Cortex-A5 CPU and Adreno 200 GPU has been given.

At the beginning of this phone is 51 MB of RAM can be utilized in full. There’s so much RAM, CPU power to use it. Because of the phone can not play games such as Temple Run 2 and Smoothly. Therefore, it is not only the GPU or CPU, computer configuration when buying a smartphone, like you should be in terms of the whole Shakespearean.

I hope after reading this you are buying a lot of confusion will be gone. Now the rest of the interior features of the overall budget, choose the best phone. You simply buy the device at the initial specification of your choice. What really sets performance, build quality, display quality issues, etc. you will see the set-up. So he did not see a refresher on the basis of the specifications do not go back to buy the phone! For additional discussion in our group, I have no further!

Toriqul Islam contributed more to write this post.

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