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Technology Updates

Facebook used technology services

Written by Tusher

Facebook used technology services,PHP is the world’s biggest Project (PHP) with the programming language. Not only PHP, but Facebook has more than 1 dozen of its own technology. Check out this article on Facebook Technology.

HipHop Virtual Machine

Facebook use PHP, but it does not execute PHP code that executes byakainde C ++. HHVM or the name of a transatlantic HipHop Virtual Machine (transpire) using the PHP code to convert the native C ++ code and that is why Facebook has made the performance (speed) so much. Facebook HHVM made machines. This is because a large co debase quickly enough after the Facebook HHVM. 2008 said it began production in 2010.

High-level compiler, which is a kind of transatlantic Language of the High-level language such as the code conversion. Karenina PHP code to C ++ code in such a way that it once again into a coda that it can be read in any order, but the machine is suitable for conversion. Converts the byte code. Its name HHBC (Hip Hop byte code).


Database developers Mango Mai Mai, a sequel to the sequel, but we are not using it. This is a sequel to my own way, but a lot of people have made to customize. If you want to get information on customization you can search by entering MySQL at Facebook.

Chat System

Chat system Cassandra (Cassandra), and the use of databases Language er lang. For real-time applications er lang now Language boss.


Used for caching Memcached, it is a powerful tool for memory object caching.

Hadoop & Hive

The algorithm for large data sets by using the name kyalakulesanera Hadoop, and it’s open source Apache project. And here is another tool to query related tasks with the Apaches called Hive. I like the Hive SQL Query Language that we have such names HiveQL.


Pictures are uploaded to Facebook every day billions, to handle these photos HAYSTACK name (a type of object storage can tell) technology, also made their own.

Server Information

Currently, more than 60 servers around the world have Facebook. They have made a complete own server hardware.

Big Pipe

Big pipes are used for quick loading pages. Using this technology is divided into a few pages. Petal name of each share. Facebook as a website that is normally loaded as part of a load but is not loaded.

Other used technologies

Thrift, Scribe, hBase (database), Varnish (caching system), epoll server (for chat).

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