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Editor and compiler for PHP coding tutorial

Written by Tusher

PHP is used for programming of the web. Programming in any programming language such as C compiler is required for programming. PHP coding on the program to run, though not so much a particular compiler and editor. The initial phase of the program on PHP’s default text editor for the Windows operating system to simply use notepad. The coding of the program in the rapid, accurate, and as an additional benefit for advanced editor Dreamweaver, PHP Designer, Notepad ++, PHP coder, Komodo Edit can be used.

After writing the above kodatuku a nptepad click the File menu, click Save as index.php in the File name in the Save as type, select All files by clicking on the Save to Save. index.php file C: \ xampp \ htdocs should be in the htdocs folder. php file in the browser address bar to show the will to write http: //localhost/index.php.

PHP and HTML is a program written by


echo “<h1>We are learning PHP</h1>”;
echo “<br />”;
echo “<h2>Welcome to</h2>”;


Save the file index.php, but similar to other editors to use. Other rules are the same.

Writers:Asim Kumar

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