Droid VPN Free Net With GP Sim

Droid vpn is set to run Gp free net in GP SIM. (disconnect problem solved and speed 250-300 kbps) 10000% working [post update] See also those who did not work first.Welcome Gp Free Internet Users. Today I’m Going To Show You A New GP Free Internet Trick. In This Tutorial, I Will Teach You How To Use GP Free Internet Via Your Android Mobile.

Assalamu Alaikum
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I said in a post 2 days ago, I will post a GP Freinet for you, and I also said that this post is a container of the Contributor’s trickbd account of the name shahriarcus This post’s full credit is his.

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I request that I should postpone it immediately after getting a post from him, but he did this post now but he would not be a citizen.
So he posted me to the Public.So many things, I’m going directly to the post, and I post this post without typing it on my blog ↓↓↓
Currently, there is no free net for droid vpn in ZIP. Again most of your complaints droid vpn are not speed and disconnected. So today we will show you how to get rid of this problem.

  • Let’s say it’s completely new setting. Do not get this setting in any previous post.
    Let’s start.

    First download the app below.

1. droid vpn3.0.1.6

2. hspa+ 3g booster tweakware

Activate the hspa + 3g booster by pressing the center h of the screen. Minimize the app.

Droid VPN Free Net

  • Log in to droid vpn. settings. Do settings like below.
  • select mode-1
  • remote udp port-123
  • local udp port-0
  • Tcount-1
  • Rcount-3
  • Please back. icmp-statique.
  • Enable proxy settings by backing up.
  • proxy host-
  • proxy port-8080

Droid VPN Free Net

Now run a sellect of the server 3,4,5,6 and get a free net GP with droid vpn How to hack droid vpn premium server and get more speedFirst of all, choose one of the free server then choose a premium server to be faster when loading. Then the premium server will be connected. If you do not have one, try several times.

Another word. To get more speed, open an account for kpn tunnel and open an account from speedssh.com.
Know username, password and host ip and know in droid vpn settings from proxy settings. Give username and password.
Then copy paste from the speedssh host ip proxy host to this cell. Come back back. Keep hacking premium hackers in the way shown above. Drive more speed and disconnect problems.
Speed Proof

And if you do not know there is a comment box.
Be sure to work on server other than server 3’4’5’6.
And the drop will be VPN
Thanks for reading post for now.




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