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Technology Updates

Don't copy the files to your laptop or computer

Written by Tusher

We use the computer while they read a lot of problems, not a copy of the file to be one! Today I’ll show you a copy of the file is not in the case file to everyone if we do,(CTRL + C), and that the copy (CTRL + V) to paste it. Many (CTRL + V) does not copy files to the press, it may be because your third-party software, the computer system files such approval was interrupted by bizarre events that may occur.

If it does not work, copy and paste, then (CTRL + ALT + DEL) Launch the Task Manager by pressing. Now, from here on out EXPLORER.EXE PROCESS tab by clicking on it and click the right mouse button. End Process Tree by clicking on the close. EXPLORER Process will be closed.

The Task Manager’s File New Task (run) and type in the EXPLORER.EXE click OK. EXPLORER will start again. Now (windows key + E) and press. Copy the files to your PC (CTRL + C) and paste it with (CTRL + V) with, whether the work is no more. Many different types of software to copy files to use, remember that this is due to an error of this kind of software that can be a problem. If you choose not to copy the file before UNINSTALL.
Naturally, the file will be copied.

To copy the files from the system, but it can be approved. If you choose to launch internet explorer from the start menu. Click here natuna tools by clicking on the internet options- again with the introduction of the dialog box, click the Security tab. Click the Security tab, under the circumstances, the custom level.

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