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Custom Rom

Custom Embarrassment to Android!

Android to customize a variety of fame, but because of the benefits of open source. Like his mind can be arranged as a man arranges his own car. However, to customize the experience you did not apologize once, it probably is not true.

If you make a mistake right up to the fun in it at all possible to do something else. But as creamy as the iPhone away! But that’s racing! He does not mind, but you can customize (Jail Break), it would be a lot of embarrassment.

However, to customize the contents of this post, I am What kind of a nuisance. If you notice is being published in this blog. I’m going to share my experiences.

Do not lodge once and read many times in the future want to read again and again, because I know what Android is an inner thing, I think this is a little bit statutorily alkaline embarrassment. They would never know, because if you do not lodge.

However, before you start posting thank the founder of Android speech today because this is my first android blog Hatsheput. This blog is my custom Embarrassment and it will share with you the experience. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

Chain fire 3D Installation Embarrassment

Many people have heard of or used. It is an intermediary OpenGL driver and is used to route calls to some extent in order to increase the ability of the graphics chip set. Some of the commands between applications and graphics chip set in the phone user still some graphics power interferes gives the opportunity to improve.

I have learned to customize the app to the new phone. Custom ROM, kernel, CPU and jipiu be over block! I like the whole idea! XDA would fall on the day and tried to learn new things. Over It Over One day I saw a post about Chairperson.

I did not notice that it is only for Frodo or Gingerbread. My phone (HTC Sensation 4G) and the ICS ROM “ViperS 1.2” is installed. I downloaded was very enthusiastic. I have not read the developer’s warning!

Delving into installing looked after. After a while I gave a lot of interest basei driver installed. He said the device will reboot. The reboot process begins at the beginning and then the adulteration!

I gradually began to reboot the device. Mishap well. When I was out and did not know what to do. I think that once was mine to lose, I think! Suddenly his head and played with the CWM ROM and the backup can take some home seekers can go to XDA.

I was introduced to recovery. Wipe the phone and I think at the end of recovery after the factory reset, but could not. Backup and Restore factory reset, but for some reason I could not boot ROM. The hot head. Again, wipe the previous version (1.1), gave Restore backup. I tried the version 1.2 Data backup to restore the partition, but was not.

That, however, launched a call until returning home. Data Restore again with a fresh install, and then I was like before. It is only a few hours, the sky seemed to fall taboo.

But the same day again Karamazov realized that if anything teriyaki not be angry and cry like a child will not go to the forums. Ensure that you know what it is and make the best use of Google uncles. XDA forums for Android that have little to learn the sad. You can learn a lot, and others can use.

Tekiya Education

  • No use to customize it with applications, do not attempt to look at the jump. Browse and verify users’ feedback before XDA. If you restorer app developers do not forget to read the description. Play Store, users do not read the opinion of a lot of time because they do not like the opinion, noting that it is a good app to list down a lot of bad ratings.
  •  No Maude, patches or structural features of Android, or change something before installing CWM custom recovery to make sure the backup.
  • Data backup partition on the flash ROM in the ROM upgrade or freshen up, then restore the image of the Data Text, MMS ROM with many other new moves. If the trouble does not need to run Titanium Backup.

(Note: Data backup was 3 months later with a new ROM on XDA backup, restore, and all of that flash was like before! Anyway, I learned it! ?)

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