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CSS Text tutorial

Written by Tusher

The main component is the text of the web site. Some of the benefits and the desire to enhance the beauty of the text of the css styles are made. To create a text style to a number of factors mentioned in the Declaration. These are

  • Text Color
  • Text Alignment
  • Text Decoration
  • Text Transformation

Text Color:

We usually use HTML text for the <P>, <h1>, <h2>, <a> use tags, including some more. For determining the color of the text of the Declaration will make these p {color: # FC9} or similar. p of the other tags, h1, h2, a, body, or tag id or class can sit. The text of the Declaration may be three kinds of color to set. As:

p { color: #FC9}
p  {color:blue;}
p {color:rgb(255,0,0);}

Practice Project:

.mar{color:rgb(150,0,0); font-size:25px;}

<body >
We are bangladeshi Hostgator hosting provider.<br />
We are bangladeshi Hostgator hosting provider. <br />
We are bangladeshi Hostgator hosting provider. <br />
<p class=”mar”> 24 / 7 Support</p>

Notepad: to open a file type from the menu at the top of layer code by clicking on the Save as File name: index.html, Save as type: All files, save and open the index.html file with the Mozilla Firefox look like the image shown below.



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