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Css Class Selector Tutorial

Written by Tusher

CSS or any portion of the Web pages is one way to identify one or more factors specific class selectors. Multiple factors can be identified by the selectors in the same class, so it helps to reduce the amount of coding.

For example <p class = “mar”> 24/7 Support </ p> css code for

.mar {color: # C03;

font-size: 36px}

Class selectors HTML tags to indicate what word is used in the class after the = sign with the name of the class is written inside double quotes. For example <p class = “mar”>. Mar the class name. Style class seat to mark (.) Dot is used.

Practice Project

<title> Selectors</title>

body{background: #FFC}

.mar{color: #C03;

<body >

<p class=”post”>

We are bangladeshi Hostgator hosting provider. The world wide technical and support team is working for your best movement. </p>

<p class=”post”>

We are dedicated with client requrement. You can host your huge data of your company with our secured and hacking proof server. We are taking care of more than 1000 bangladeshi websites and their huge information.


<p class=”mar”> 24 / 7 Support</p>


Notepad to open a file type from the menu at the top of layer code by clicking on the Save as File name: index.html, Save as type: All files, save and open the index.html file with the Mozilla Firefox look like the image shown below.

Project Analysis

<P class = “post”> a paragraph with a class name has been set for the post.
<P class = “post”> with the name of a class to another post has been set for a paragraph.

.post {color: # 066;
font-family: Tahoma;
text-align: justify;}
The post has been set as the default style for the paragraphs in both classes.
<P class = “mar”> mar the name of a class has been set for a paragraph.
.mar {color: # C03;
font-size: 36px}
Class assigned to mar the paragraph style has been set.

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