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Seo tricks

Basic Info to Search engine optimization

There are websites, or want to learn SEO for freelancing, writing for them. Indeed, like everyone else, you want to write something that gugole first show when you search for your site. If you notice, on the poor quality sites or not, that kind of showing on the first page of the site. But Google does not want to show it. They want the best and the first to show the relevant site. If you want to make your site SEO, and must learn before.

What is SEO?

That’s what I said before. SEO is gugolake or more, which meant that my site has a lot of the best search engines. Some of the algorithms Google uses to determine which one is good and relevant. That is why something must be done. Yourself and others on the site.

seo and its parts
There are two parts

  1. On-Page SEO (on his own)

  2. Off-Page SEO (another site)


It is working on his own. As well as how to use Word, title tags, meta tags are used, they create a Sitemap file is created on the pages of search engine optimization Robot.txt. Loading is easy to fall into this kind of website to create. And those who will visit the site attractive designs which seemed to be for the benefit of all of them.

Off-Page SEO

Understand the name, it is not something outside of your own web pages. This is basically to create backlinks. Backlinks are links on other sites to your site. Calculated on the basis as well as visits to the site will come to your site will increase the value of your site to Google Groups Team. Bengali is the first page of the site easily, in English, the site seemed to be a lot of things. Forum posting, blog posting, several high page rank site is byabalinka. If you are one of the best educational (a University site) can byakalinka site or any official site.

Types of SEO

SEO is divided into two parts K. These are:

  1. White Hat SEO

II. Black Hat SEO
White or black hat with nothing to do, they are actually related to good and evil. White Hat and Black Hat search engine is the same as the one being taken advantage of. Blyakahyata BSE and on the first page of the site has been a lot of nonsense. A few days later, they are likely to be black listed.
The last word, the only legally SEO is that it will be discussed. You can refer to on a regular basis to learn. Whatever your qualifications and wants to learn SEO. It’s actually not as easy as you think it is easy. Time, and try to learn to do. If your website is good, if you do not have a free blogspot site opened at the start.


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