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Seo tricks

Backlinks and a wrong decision

Written by Tusher

Backlink that it’s just a matter of how important it was for esaiora to finish as one of the most traffic-E comes in Katina done to create backlinks to the website hardhearted hand, when the key is off-page backlinks aforesaid.


What are Backlinks?

A backlink is a link to your site, which is as a representative of your site or any other site is placed on the site and by means of a link to your site is set up so that the site visitor can easily use the link to visit your site!

Backlinks generally two types

1) Do-follow backlinks

Ii) no-follow backlinks


Note: Considering the results from the no-follow backlinks Backlinking is the follow-du-karajakari.


Quality Backlinks and running the streets


If your site’s backlink placed on any site that improves your site visitor or the local world to achieve the desired current information, it is completely wrong. Those who think SEO is usually placed on the backlink information to the wrong carrier. General words, it is the job of an SEO is devastating down the value of your site to.


Now I think the article is a question might arise after the starters, and hola “If my site’s backlink on the other, then we could not establish when the current amount of nidrista Where?”

My answer to them are:

Brother, you do not do this nisedha to the distinguished backlinks. However, it will set you back links then you should keep in mind that when you create backlinks quality backlinks is correct or whether the values!

What quality backlink?

Generally speaking, the site will create backlinks for your site that are related to your site, then the site will be completed or quality backlink value. For example, say with gele


Suppose you have a site samparakrita object of a legal matter. Now, you have a backlink to your site if you want to be in connection with any legal blogs, forums, websites, etc. will be in place. Because of legal matters pertaining to legal stop people accessing information that actually does it. Then the backlink to your site if you have the opportunity to come to your site visitor. This is what is standard or quality backlink backlink. Now imagine, if you would backlink for your site, a site where there is nothing legal about the potential visitor to your site, if you could? But now reply to you. Good quality backlink from 1 to 100 normal backlinks.


Wrong, wrong Hello

Esaiora old world and the new, but almost everyone has a common blunder is that there is not quality backlink to your own link building, and link it to the mountain, but the results hayeyaya zero. Even if there was a cease if the result was zero, because that is the thing about that was ekula and the house and disappeared. And it seems that the question might arise – “What’s the secret? The result will be zero, but I would okula ekula why? ”


In fact, no matter where you are at the uradhura (solid Bengal) when linking your desired current pabenna uradhura linking it to 100% due to normal and are linked to your Google and Google plan to wear it became spamim as Google indeksim coverage saitike out of the can, the results of the Google search engine battle between your saitike jabena found. Now you understand why the house can be done?


A great mistake

“Great mistake” bollama eikarane that, at the top of the errors in question are usually older than him, and that now the order of the day rather than the old puratanara it is more than beginners, and even some SEO Expert Rao claimed anayese this is a mistake. The duration of which has been discussed and you have just got to understand the benefits of this is to highlight bhulatake.

Backlinks and link building kempeim usually set during the competitor’s backlink analysis is the first that is. After that, we got two ideas and hola

1) I do kampititarera rules.

Ii) How will it be done to me.


When these two ideas in mind that- sometimes sprout up

“Kempeim the competitor has to set up his site’s backlink so if we karaleito anusarana them directly to ayanalayasisa not trouble us anymore. They indeed worked like that for the sake of getting a desired outcome because now if I copy them to complete the work if the work Thekaya me, to make sure the results are good. ”


Keep in mind that if you hear the tremendous battle between them, they’re going to be basically on a mistake. Now, once again, the question might arise in your mind, and hola “to survive competition will follow kampititaradera ananyadera kampititaradera anusarana neither do?”


It actually does not. For example, you can create anti-sephatika soap. Ekhetre sabanamenuphekacarim another company your competitor. Now could be your kampititarara anti-sephatika or made soap Beauty Soap or any other style. When you do this in your local world of soap campaign kampititarera hubahu the same way as getting promotion? If you’ve played 100% of your campaign like kampititarera Be Sure that your customers do not receive your promotion because people always want something new, and such promotion before Besides, customers are accustomed to, and in some cases frustrated or irritated. Now you have the kampititaradera sabanake their experience utilizing a new dimension to survive in the midst of the campaign if it is made universally acceptable, and the ability to survive in the market and you will certainly benefit from it.


Note: Remember one thing, but the category of your site and your site ekana kampi titarera. Considerable differences exist in the two sites must be done keeping in mind yaa panake!


We will follow kampitita radera only a new form your own ideas about their work to work, not to duplicate them. We can take the advantage of it is from kampitita radera hola


  • The new directory can be found at lisatim which was before.


  • To find the new site can atharitibha write your own articles and links

For the building.


  • Risarasesa pages of our site to find out how to add links or



  • Linking of discrimination can be found.


  • Kampititaradera to find out what is wrong.


After all, why can not we find a theory kampititarera from the site of the only areas that do not get the idea, not the directions!

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