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Technology Updates

How to be aware of the use of the Internet

Written by Tusher

Use the op is one of the Internet’s ex-Caritat. Internet is very important and useful thing. But the ex-Use one of the Internet’s fault, it’s not. Use the ex-handed moral problem. Blogging or bloggers a lot of bad words in the context of Bangladesh gallon is considered a Password. But the blog is a very important and useful technology.

When you search around on the web site you will see when you start to see a lot of different kinds of websites that offer to download the file.

Malicious Web site

Many Web sites on the Internet to provide information or services to the hype. A program that provides money to buy it, you might be lucrative offers to download for free. I will ask you to register for the first. The program is now available after registration may say. It is intended to collect your e-mail ID. The purpose of collecting e-mail via the e-mail fraud. Or maybe you can download the program that has been associated with the virus.

Web site should comply with the following themes during the visit inside Ner.

The Web site is not registered with e-mail. At the beginning of the web address of the site https: // or not.
Refrain from the web site to download the file. Your Web site may have a lot of time writing computer virus. Free antivirus download is called. They avoided. Via Fake email ,If you e-mail may be encountered when using e-mail, where you will be asked to become the winner of the lottery car. The car needed some money to send to you. You can send money, but greed and hype it has been named to the car. E-mail advertising is promoting a variety of products. Most of the products are interesting. If you can afford it often purchase. Maybe borrow to buy time. What is needed is something that should be considered before buying.

Steal personal information on the Internet

You may e-mail before going to bed last night, did you change your password. But this morning to enter your e-mail account or log in to see the looks wrong password several times, even though the correct password. This could be a big change your password has been stolen by someone else.
E-mail, you may have been asked to change your password and a link where you were able to change the password. Click on the link to change your password is if you see the web page. And if you change the password without thinking.
The fact that the same had been taken to another Web page. If you want to be free from such cheating preponderance sensitive information such as passwords or the name of the website addresses should be seen.

Use Weak Password

Many of the websites on the Internet, such as the time of registration of weak password aaaabbbb 1111111 or in many cases these can be inferred. Or use your own phone number as a password. The following points should be kept in mind while creating the password
The password should be at least 10 characters wind up at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter, a number and a symbol should be.

Social Media Web Site

Social Web sites are a different kind of society in which people communicate with each other. Of course it is important websites. The Web site of the Quran in the distance can be easily communicate with relatives or friends. But now, in our country is increasing day by day use on this website.
Many users are unfamiliar to many people. Lets hang out for hours. As a result, a lot of valuable time is wasted. One of the principles of social networking Web sites like this one under the age of eighteen will not be able to use the Web site. But many children or students violate these rules. As a result, they are being affected. Minor children can easily understand that they are being deceived.


This is a serious abuse of pornography websites. Sexual or sexually explicit websites on the video or audio story, etc. Where one is called porn. Porn physical and mental harm to both boys and girls do. Porn brain capability reduces damage and reproductive health. Create and publish websites porn punishable offense. Parent genus, particularly in adolescence, boys and girls ages boys and girls should regularly monitor the computer’s memory, and to be aware that they are not addicted porno.


Social Web sites to communicate with many people working together to spread any rumors easily. Most of the rumors are rumors religious. God written in the shape of a tree, such as potatoes, etc., or Ganesha. Humans do more than simple religious role Biztha rumors. All of us should keep in mind is the origin of all religions and beliefs. And he believes that the Creator astite not pursue evidence of life on gods. The role of the religious people should resist such rumors.

Neon does not comply with elite hacking

Hacking is a term widely used among Internet users. Hacking means someone fooling around on the Internet or steal personal information being explored. Such as passwords or personal pictures or information relating to bank on.

Use of the Internet to remedy ex-provided personal information

Internet web site of any kind of personal information such as home addresses, phone numbers, etc. is given. Social networking sites are a variety of options with which to be able to see what types of information they can be controlled. People do not communicate with anyone. Do not talk about personal matters with strangers tell anyone.

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