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Audio file system to run on the web Html tutorial

Written by Tusher

In the presentation of concepts, text and photo, as well as the use of audio-video becomes more vivid. Add audio files to HTML From here we will learn more about how to control.

Audio Extension

In the presentation of concepts, text and photo, as well as the use of audio-video becomes more vivid. This can be done through the media, and the web as well as through any other media, it is not possible. HTML pages created by the <embed> tag is used to add audio files and can be controlled easily.

East Preparation

Will take the name of the folder on the desktop in an audio audio.mp3 to save an audio file will be named.

Practice Project

<body >
<embed src=”audio.mp3″ height=”35″ width=”300″
controller=”true” loop=”false” autostart=”false”>
<h3 style=”color:#F00″>Click play button and enjoy music.</h3>


Audio folder on the desktop to create a totally write code in a Notepad file open at the top of the menu by clicking on the Save as File name: index.html, Save as type: All files, save and open the index.html file with the Mozilla Firefox Down look like the image to appear.

Project Analysis

To add audio <embed> tag is used.
<Embed src = “audio.mp3” height = “35” width = “300”
controller = “true” loop = “false” autostart = “false”>
</ Embed>

  • src = “audio.mp3” Here, src = “………….” Links to the audio file is added.
  • height = “35” width = “300” is determined by the shape of the audio player to appear in the browser.
  • controller = “true” will be displayed on the Web page, the audio output is provided to indicate whether. If the controller = “……… ..” If it is written in true and false stories about the audio player will appear in the audio player will not be displayed.
  • loop = “false” loop through the audio file will not play again in the form of instruction is to be played repeatedly. Since there are false writing; So it will play once.
  • auto-start = “false” means web pages to load the auto play audio file will play immediately, not after the play button to play the audio player is giving his instructions. Since there are false writing; So do not auto-play, then click Play audio player will play.

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