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Android Tips

Android phones to take care during rain

Written by Tusher

Android phones to take care during rain,Walking in the street, suddenly the rain came. Not with the umbrella. So be sure to get wet. Kiss her on the cell phone with the protection you need. Water is the biggest enemy of smartphones. So to protect your smartphone from the rain. Mobile phones entered the water, but the water went into service in this case no longer be effective. However, the first mobile phone set off into the water should be set apart from the battery. Then there’s the advantage of the wind dried out should be granted. This is a positive temperature or more can not be dried in the fire. Phone battery connections should be set somewhat sukiyaki it. As a result, the leakage may be permanently damaged. After entering the water should be left to each mobile set, as soon as possible, and it will show up on the organization’s own Studebaker. If it is not possible to set up an institution to show that repairs. As a result, the risk of loss is low.

These were some of the tips highlighted in an Emergency

  1. during the rainy season, out of the house with a plastic packet or pouch Keep G. moment.The pouch is available to buy now on the market cost. Buy pouch according to ability. Will not cost too much. This will keep your smartphone safe.

2. smartphone rain enemy. Smartphone into a drop of rain is enough to ruin your phone.Buying a smartphone that is water proof. It’s time to get wet in the rain and get wet Do not talk on the phone.

  1. Many phones today use various covers. Water Proof you try to use a cover.

  2. If it is necessary to talk on the phone in the rain, then use an umbrella.

5.  go out in the rain during the day, switch off your smartphone. If it goes into the water anyway, if not too much damage.

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