Airtel SIM Unlimited Free Internet

Hello Guys, I am making This Airtel Free Internet Tricks OCTOBER 2017 post on the day of uttarayan which is also known as ” makarsankranti” in many places. so Happy Uttarayan Guys. Here is i will Provide you Loot of 2017 That is Unlimited Airtel Free 3G and 4G which will work for 100% for you in this new Year.I hope everyone is good.


also good in Allah’s grace (Alhamdulillah).
Today I got you for the Airtel Free Net2AMPS + SpeedSaBar hopes to run.
Will it work on my SIM?
Uhhum … .99.9%

Hopefully all of us will work on this phrontet tutorial and will work
If you do not work then forgive. And if you abuse, you will be able to manage your family’s identity.
These free Net Servers have been launched tomorrow
So hopefully everyone will run.

So let’s start?
First, download RokyAirtelLive handler VPN-D from here.
*** Before the RokyAirtelLive handler application, do not run Free Net.
Now open the VPN and set the screenshot to match it,

Airtel Free Internet

এবার নিছের দিকে গিয়ে স্ক্রিনশট এর মত সেটিং করে সেভে ক্লিক করুন☺

Airtel Free Internet

Now click on the Tunnel Whole Device ~

Click on Okay,

  • Take a few minutes to get connected (connecting to a few days) …

  • My VPN Connected –
    Is this Serbery / Frantate working at all?
    If we have two ports of the Serbs that are open, then the Free Network will continue to operate,

So what do you do now? Unlimited Kopa-I’ve finished the 5G.B

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Full Credit: ©Ikramul Hasan Roky.

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