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facebook tricks

5 important things to learn Facebook

Written by Tusher

Facebook is the social media features. Many of these features do not know. This article highlights a few things like that. According to a report on Fox News.

  • Clear search history, Facebook has been in search of a list of issues that Facebook saves.
    However, anyone can delete the list.In addition, you can delete it if you wish to separate any part of the list.Facebook saves your search history.The upper right corner of Facebook, “click ayarote down and select Activity Log.Photo on the left column, with comments like, and the ‘mora-click. Then click on the search at the bottom of the list. If you want to delete the entire search. The search area will be empty. This functionality can not stop you. For this reason, you must delete the search history to come in here sometimes.


  • View the history of all your Facebook account through Facebook Activity logs are stored in the program list o. In the upper right corner to the left, click the arrow next to their name at the bottom.Then click on the Activity log. You can see the numerous entries. These are different times in your list of Facebook activity. From here you share posts, photos, videos, etc. like to see.You are the subject of the search has been in the past, they will find a list on the left side of the ‘mora-click on.Post your preferred the hateful posts can decide on from here. There is a pen mark on the right side of each post. Posts can be deleted by clicking on the.If you want to delete the list of the past sarcophagus the left side, click on sacra.
    If you want to delete, then individually click on the right side swipe. If you want to delete all the upper right hand side of the “click sacra clear.
    If you want to download the entire activity on the “Download a copy of your Facebook data” and click on. Then select Start My Archive.
  •  Candy Crash seen many requests to play chess game on Facebook. In addition, you can play chess on it.If you want to play the game using the Facebook Messenger is the system.
    The message options open.
    There you will have to type @fbchess play. Then you will see a chess board. The next step will be to start the game. However, from A to H, as well as up and down, and from 1 to 8 rooms, including a look at numbers for the next Mubarak will send instructions. If you type @fbchess Pe4 e4 pawn to leave the house.
  •  Facebook folders hidden message, but the main objective is to communicate with many people hand you will get the message, there is no such word. Some of the messages are hidden in a special folder. Folder on your friends list who have left their messages. These messages are considered spam on Facebook.Folder tab in Messenger is a smartphone or app. To find it, tap the icon in the lower right side of Me.Then select Message Requests. See filtered requests- go from there. There you will get the hidden messages.
  •  Who is hanging in your friend request after receiving your friend request has dogged Who, you can see it on Facebook. Just click on the icon with your Facebook Friends. See All Friends- go from there. Then go to the View Sent Requests- will receive a list of those whom you have sent a friend request. Friend request sent from there to the right side of the name can cancel a friend request.

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